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About Our Company

Hudson has been manufacturing high quality foodservice equipment since 1959.

Hudson manufactured custom fabrication and was the first to come out with a 350 page custom equipment catalog. Hudson combined stainless steel, refrigeration, millwork and solid surface projects all under one roof.

Hudson in the 90's designed and developed a full line of merchandisers specifically for the foodservice industry.

In the past four years Hudson has now designed a full line of innovative sneeze guards. Hudson has a full line of Anti Virus designed guards, a full line of adjustable guards, a full line of UV bonded guards including adjustable ones, a full line ultra span guards and a full line of standard models.

And now, as of July 24th, 2020, Hudson can now offer a coating for our sneeze guards that will definitively deactivate the COVID-19 Coronavirus on a continuous basis.

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