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The Benefits of the Coating

Hudson is Using

-The deactivation of the COVID-19 Coronavirus and also including H1N1 on a continuous basis (not daily like others)

-Reduces bacteria by 99.9% on a continuous basis.

-24 hour protection

-10 year proven coating technology

-Anti-fingerprint protection

-Prevents growth of unsightly mold

-High scratch resistance (as high as H8 – the same as granite)

-Makes surfaces easier to clean

-UV and fade protection

Antimicrobial Technology: Features

It was confirmed on July 28, 2020 that the coating will deactivate the entire coronavirus family that consists of the following strains: SARs, H1N1, Influenza, CoV2, and the current virus COVID-19.

About our product: The Coating Hudson is using

The coating is an antimicrobial liquid film coating that wipes or sprays on almost any surface (with the exception of fabrics & textiles) and once cured into the surface provides 99.9% protection by deactivating viruses, as well as killing bacteria and fungi. It is also non-toxic, environmentally friendly, & won’t leach into human skin or clothing.

The coating is transparent so it does not hide the appearance of and provides UV protection of the coated surface. It is also non-flammable, and acts as a flame retardant. This coating is extremely difficult to scratch, which provides for a long-term surface protection against corrosion. It also has self-cleaning attributes.

In addition to the coating's chemical properties listed above, the most amazing characteristic is that it will deactivate coronaviruses including COVID-19 & kill all forms of bacteria for up to 12 months in high traffic areas, and up to 18 months in lower traffic areas.

The coating has been tested and approved by ASTM verified labs and is EPA, 3rd party audited, as well as REACH EU approved.

Antimicrobial Technology: Text

To book a demonstration and get more information on the Hudson Coating


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Antimicrobial Technology: Text
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